Hinders Mystic Plum Stabilised Boilies

May 01, 2019 1 min read

Mystic Plum Stabilised Boilies  are a high-grade fishmeal based boilie perfect for use in the warmer summer months that is crammed full of fish extracts with the added attraction of our finest plum flavour. Our Bait Scientist Dr Keith Sykes has sourced the finest ingredients to produce a stabilised (shelf life) upgraded version of our all-time best selling Mystic Plum. Made from 100% natural ingredients, there are no preservatives in our stabilised bait. 

We believe this bait to be very unique with its high attraction leak off flavour giving instant results. Fieldtester Craig Runham has had a great summer using the Mystic Plum Boilies to catch a number of carp up to 40lb. Why not try this awesome fishmeal boilie and increase your catch rate this season.


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    David Whitlock (Fareham)
    Hinders little gemz

    Excellent product ..fast delivery. Thankyou

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    Ian Peel (London)
    Hemp is best

    The Hinders crushed hemp is the best available. Will draw in and keep fish in your swim.
    Need to prep, however you soften in a thermos flask with water from a kettle.
    It smells great , it smells like a winner.

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    Had a fantastic day on the Tutti Frutti expander mix with a great day on the Crucians who took a liking to the mix presented on a method feeder.

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    Barry McGhee (Witham)
    Hemp bait

    It split far better and quicker than any other hemp l,ve used pretty good product

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    John Lazenby (Fleetwood)
    Nature's gift.

    Good quality seeds, easy site navigation, speedy delivery. Happy day's