July 28, 2017 2 min read

This week I wasn’t actually due to fish the syndicate, but with an overnighter presenting itself, I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity. Arriving at the lake late morning, I was walking the banks and finding fish. A few hours later I was set up and watching fish close to two small gravel areas found with the leading rod close to some weed. The afternoon passed me by and soon with the evening drawing in I was hopeful that under the cover of dark, the fish would feel confident enough to withdraw from the vast weed beds and feed.
At 01.30 am I was startled from what had obviously been a deep sleep to a complete one toner. No warnings just pure speed and aggression of a viscous take. The fish actually came in quite steady initially and I flicked my head torch on as it neared the net. At this point it must have finally realised what was going on. For the next 15 minutes it just didn’t stop. The worst thing was I had seen the fish and with a weedy lake, barbless hooks and a powerful carp it’s safe to say the heart was getting a thorough work out. Every flick of the dorsal meant the line would ping and give that split second feeling of loss. Luckily and eventually, it succumbed to the safety of the outstretched net and stood up to my waist in water, I marvelled at what turned out to be 40lb 2oz of mega looking carp.
The fish itself came from a lightly baited spot at 13.5 wraps. The bait consisted a Tails Up pro marine hook bait alongside 4 spombs of 12, 14 and dumbell shaped pro marine and Hinders Elips Pellets. There was no more action but I didn’t really care too much and was grateful of a few hours kip before packing up ready for the following days’ work.