July 31, 2017 2 min read

More good news from Dinton White Swan!! The lake closed a month ago as the fish started spawning, luckily for me that fell the week before I got married and went on honeymoon, so it meant that I didn't miss out on fishing time! On my return from my honeymoon I headed to the lake to see what I could find and get some bait in. The fish were rather relaxed and I found them all over the lake. I found a few near to a swim that rarely gets fished, so I thought that would be a good place to start. I baited heavily with a mix of particles and Nut365 Boilies. I then returned a few days later to repeat the process and once again found some fish near to where I had baited. The night before the opening night I was playing 5-a-side football from 8-9pm, but decided to head to the lake afterwards and get more bait onto the spot, which made it a very late work night!

I managed to get out of the office in good time on Thursday and got to Dinton a good hour or so before the swim draw. I couldn't decide whether or not to walk around the lake, so I stuck it out in the car park and had a chat with a few of the lads. To my surprise having seen next to no one on my baiting trips, it appeared that nearly everyone had been baiting heavily through the closed season!! No one would dare give away their spots and there were a lot of nervous anglers in the draw, for one, me! 

6pm came and luckily for me, I came out second in the draw and bagged my swim. I grabbed my gear and got into the swim incredibly quickly. The rods were ready to go and with two casts I had two rods fishing with Nut365 pop ups on the end. 

I stayed up well into darkness watching for signs of fish and saw very little. I then decided to get up before dawn for the same reason. 3.40am the alarm went off and I was up! Who knew the nights were so short! Again, there was very little to see. At just before 5am whilst I had a cup of tea in my hand my right rod ripped off!! After a very tense fight I had a carp in the net. 

Knowing that there were fish feeding on the bait, I unhooked the fish got it in the sling and got the rod back on the spot. I then caught my breathe, weighed the fish at 23lb and did some self takes. To be honest the weight is immaterial when the look like this. A proper Dinton scaley linear!