July 06, 2018 2 min read

The recently released Flatz Pellet has played a large part in my carp angling as of late. The unique shape and impressive nutritional content means the pellets lend themselves to a variety of situations within my fishing. By and large, I fish a park lake close to my home. With a young family, I fish short sessions and use the pellets to prep marginal spots whilst stalking and furthermore pre-tie mesh bags in readiness for my trips. The pellet’s elliptical shape helps them make a minimal disturbance and flutter to the lakebed. Once there, they emit large amounts of attraction to pull fish into the area, meaning I can take advantage of my premium fishing time.
If I do go on longer trips, they form a base to my spod mixes, accompanying an oil of some sort if required. Although their profile alone is more than enough attraction, a soaking in an oil or food dip makes them slightly tacky and stick together. Something I do a lot, through the colder months especially, is scolding them. This allows them to mould together and encourage leakage rates. I then put them through a narrow mesh stick or round a small feeder dependant on the fishing situation.   
Overall, the pellets are not only very attractive but versatile too. I always have a bag with me and like fishing with them in the variety of fishing situations I find myself in. Although I am primarily a carp angler, I can imagine they would be an excellent addition to a coarse angler’s tackle bag; especially barbel on the rivers or tench and bream on a quaint little estate lake somewhere!