July 06, 2018 2 min read

The recently released Flatz Pellet has played a large part in my carp angling as of late. The unique shape and impressive nutritional content means the pellets lend themselves to a variety of situations within my fishing. By and large, I fish a park lake close to my home. With a young family, I fish short sessions and use the pellets to prep marginal spots whilst stalking and furthermore pre-tie mesh bags in readiness for my trips. The pellet’s elliptical shape helps them make a minimal disturbance and flutter to the lakebed. Once there, they emit large amounts of attraction to pull fish into the area, meaning I can take advantage of my premium fishing time.
If I do go on longer trips, they form a base to my spod mixes, accompanying an oil of some sort if required. Although their profile alone is more than enough attraction, a soaking in an oil or food dip makes them slightly tacky and stick together. Something I do a lot, through the colder months especially, is scolding them. This allows them to mould together and encourage leakage rates. I then put them through a narrow mesh stick or round a small feeder dependant on the fishing situation.   
Overall, the pellets are not only very attractive but versatile too. I always have a bag with me and like fishing with them in the variety of fishing situations I find myself in. Although I am primarily a carp angler, I can imagine they would be an excellent addition to a coarse angler’s tackle bag; especially barbel on the rivers or tench and bream on a quaint little estate lake somewhere!


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Great stuff.

After blanking a few times on the trusty luncheon meat, I needed a change. 1st night using, couple of chub and a just shy of 9lb barble.

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top quality bait

Beta'nana boilies have a superb aroma are of a soft consistancy and to date have been very effective, another quality bait from Hinders, combined with quick delivery, first class service.

Hinders Mini Combo
David Pateman (Exmouth)
Great service

Original order dispatched next day but Hermes had some kind of 'major issue' which meant it still hasn't arrived but a contact to Hinders got a replacement order sent out straight away which arrived by TNT next day no problem. We'll done Hinders, not your issue but you resolved it! Thanks!

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Richard Cartwright (Manchester)
Excellent hookbaits, nice and hard to stop them pests.

Good start to my Trent campaign, wanted a 15lb(plus) barbel to beat my previous pb.(13.5 from the derby Derwent).
Second session, and I've got my new pb of 15lb 6oz (picture). In the same session I also had a 10.6 and a 9.
I've now moved the target to 17...... Good luck eh?

Hinders Big Bite Combo
graham smith (Molesey)
great bait

not used it yet but it looks good