October 23, 2018 2 min read

Carpvale today for the open on Cyprio and Front lake.  Drawing arm hasn't failed today, drawn 21 on Cyprio . Love this peg, lots of options and lots of fish holding features.  Started off on a top kit fishing in the middle of some lillies! Had 3 quick carp here before no more signs. Gone to 6m still fishing in the lillies, hooked 4 carp here that have all gone mental and I've lost them all. No more signs so I've gone out to 14m in open water. 

Worryingly not a sign here, the strong cross wind hasn't helped presentation though. Knew it was going to be a day of fishing tight up to any cover in the peg, so I've rotated between lines in the lillies,  a line up to a sunken tree and fishing under the next platform! The day has been eventful to say the least! The carp have had plenty off fight in them, lost fish has been a nightmare.  I've ended up fishing with matrix 14 hollow tightened to the max( 14 hollow is more like a 16 or 18!) With 0.20 power micron hook lengths just to give myself a chance! Had a nice run of carp under next platform and a couple on the top kit Lillie line in last hour. Annoyingly I've lost a double figure carp in the lillies with 5 minutes to go. All lines today have been fed with 6mm Hinders Carp Pellets with a dash of the Tutti Booster liquid,  with a 6mm or 8mm Tutti Boosted Pellet on the hook. I've ended up weighing 82lb, which was best weight on Cyprio.  The match has been won off front lake with 98lb, 94lb was 2nd and I've ended up 3rd.

Tom at Carpvale

Lost fish has been very costly today!