October 23, 2018 1 min read

Open match at Barston lake today, I’ve drawn peg 29. Not a great draw but an area that always holds a few fish. I started at 60m on a alloy open method feeder with micros and a banded 8.5mm Boosted Tutti Frutti Pellet. I’ve had two quick skimmers and a good carp about 12lbs In the first 15 minutes. After this I’ve had to wait for my next run of bites but have managed a few more nice F1’s. 

After 2 hours I dropped on my 13m pole line where I had fed with two balls of Tutti Expander Ground Bait with a hand full of micros and corn mixed in. I’ve had a really good run of skimmers and one F1 before fish started to top over my bomb line at 25m. 
Harry Barston Carp

For the last hour I’ve caught carp and F1’s steadily on my bomb line at 25m where I had been catapulting 8mm Pellets with a bit of Tutti Frutti Booster Liquid on them. 
I’ve fished the match with 71lbs 13oz for 4th over all and a section win. A nice days fishing, can’t wait to get back. 

Long method - 3.8m horizon XC, medium 30g alloy open method, 14 carp rigger to .20 power micron
Bomb line - 9ft horizon carp, 20g bomb, 12” .23 power micron to a 14 carp rigger 
13m pole - 8-10 silk elastic, 4x16 mp4, 16 silver bagger