September 28, 2017 1 min read

Had this chunk recently sight fishing an extremely low and clear Hampshire Avon. I got to the river at 7.30 am and as per my normal approach with the river in its current state dropped a bait in with pva bag of Small & Medium Elips Pellets. I scattered a few elips by hand around my rig and stood behind the nettles as a couple of fish made their way up the swim. I only had to wait about 30 minutes when they both bolted in the 2 foot of water above their heads and the reel began to 'churn'.
I could see lady luck was side on this occasion as it was the better of the 2 fish which I estimated at about 13lb........ I was a little adrift of my estimation as the scales settled on 14lb 13oz.
2 medium Size Elips Pellets cut down and glued back to back soaked in Barbel Blitz Concentrate was her downfall hair rigged to a size 12 Talon tip hook and 12lb Drennan gravel braid.