July 20, 2020 1 min read

After walking a stretch on the Hampshire Avon a few times this season and feeding medium Elips in a few places, I spot a big Barbel coming in and out of one swim.
But every time I went fishing she was nowhere to be seen but I knew she was in the area.

So on my next trip I baited up with 12 large bait droppers of Hinders Hemp and one of medium Elips plus one dropper of broken up C-Food boilies. I then left the swim for a good 1/2 hour before lowering my rig into position with a C-Food Boilie as bait and sat back in my chair.

Within 40 minutes my pin was screaming and I was onto what felt like a very good fish and after one hell of a fight in the Crystal clear water and a few good runs a big Barbel was in the net. I could see it was a big fish and after a good rest in the net to recover, I weighed her and took a few pictures.

So here she is and my new PB Barbel a stunner at 14lb 11ozs what a Bar of Gold, a fish of a life time and I was One happy angler. 😉🎣