July 17, 2020 2 min read

Weather conditions probably couldn’t have been much better. Slight breeze in my face, overcast with a spells of warm sunshine breaking through. Arriving early I walked the lake and chose a swim that had two sets of pads to choose from and a decent amount of open water to play with perfect!

The plan ‘A’ was to fish the light float over hemp and crushed hemp with juicy casters presented on a size 18. Unfortunately it very quickly became evident that ‘Mr Rudd’ had other ideas. It was close to impossible to set a float without it pulling away with Rudd after Rudd hanging themselves on the plump casters falling through the water.

So Plan B was scrambled, a method feeder approach! hook baits were fake casters that had been bathing patiently in a little pot of Betalin for a few weeks. These partnered with and a method mix including crushed Hemp, hemp with a scattering of casters were the hopeful key to tricking a few Crucian’s into sharing a few moments with me on the bank!

The results were fantastic, while others couldn’t quite find the key, I enjoyed a ‘hectic’ day's angling. Catching 9 Crucian’s with this stunner winning the ‘miss Crucian’ prize for the day!

As the day went on, although the tactics stayed virtually the same the action switched from Crucian’s to tench! I’m sure the tench ‘trip advisor’ was trending on my spot!
Very enjoyable session!
Stocking up on Betalin, hemp and a few other bits. Rivers next for me, seeing my pal 
John McGough
’s hard preparation reaping rewards on the Avon has got the Chub and Barbel juices flowing- tight lines everyone!