April 01, 2019 1 min read

For the second year running Nut 365 has produced some exceptional winter captures, with its original taste and nutty aromas this bait has really started to single out the larger carp for me.

This was proven during this year’s winter ticket campaign at Crete lakes in Northern France. Where on three separate occasions I was lucky enough to capture carp up to 58lbs 4oz. In challenging conditions our tactics of moving swims every 24 hours on the complex finally payed off when we eventually found the fish. The carp were caught on either a 14mm pop up or on a snowman style rig topped with a Betalinsoaked fake corn. The hook baits were fished over a mixture of whole and crushed Nut 365 boiliescovered in crushed tigers & Nut 365 stick mix soaked in a coconut milk & peanut butter smoothie. This cracker was my final Crete lakes winter carp coming in at 49lb 10oz.