February 16, 2018 1 min read

Our bait expert Steve Clarke has been using the Tutti Frutti Boosted Pellets to great effect the past few months. 

'It's been a few years now since the launch of our Boosted pellet range and with each season comes the demand for the next must have new products. Tutti Frutti is by no means a new flavour combination but it does go one better by having over 30 years of history on the market and a very impressive track record of big carp and other species from all over the world, proving it's longevity and effectiveness.

Combining probably one of the most proven flavours of all time with our number one sweetener "The Betalin" with a food liquid, oil, added extracts and a colourant we have a very attractive quick releasing coating that screams come and investigate me..... I've had some incredible results over this winter and I'm sure this will continue year round.'

The Boosted pellets are available in three sizes 6mm, 8.5mm & 11mm with an optional Booster liquid if you would like to incorporate this immanence liquid into a groundbait mixture. 



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Very well Rolled like every bait that comes from the Hinders stable(:-) Lovely Citrus Aroma & obviously 1 or 2 Hinders little secret edges contained within the XO’s & I’ve got 2 say I cannot wait 2 put these out into the Lakes i fish. Also must add excellent quick delivery & so well packed as well as always from Hinders(:-)

carp pellets and groundbait

great quality products and service will be ordering again


Not yet tested but will do by the end of the month and I will leave a review then

Betanana Pack

Great value as on free postage. Smells really good so hopefully will be catching some hitherto elusive fish shortly!


Can’t get enough of the stuff nor can the fish