October 18, 2023 2 min read

There's something profoundly satisfying about a reliable go-to bait that consistently lures in the catch of your dreams. For me, that unwavering companion has been the ever-faithful Elips Pellets, gloriously glugged in Blitz Concentrate. In recent weeks, this dynamic duo has proven its worth with a lineup of remarkable catches that left me in awe.

Chub Duo: 6.3 & 6.4 - The Ever-Faithful Elips Strikes Again!

Our fishing journeys often have that one memorable moment where everything falls perfectly into place. For me, it was those unforgettable moments when two spirited chub decided to show their affection for Elips Pellets glugged in Blitz Concentrate. The first chub, a respectable 6.3 pounds, kicked off the action, and the second, an even more impressive 6.4 pounds, followed suit. It was as if they couldn't resist the alluring scent and flavour that this concoction offered.John Chub

Barbel Bliss: 10.5 & 13.15 - Blitzing Barbel !

But the Elips magic didn't stop with the chub; it extended to the mightiest of river warriors – the barbel. Two magnificent barbel graced my fishing escapades with their presence, and their combined weight was nothing short of awe-inspiring. The first of these aquatic titans weighed in at 10.5 pounds, a true testament to the power of Elips Pellets glugged in Blitz Concentrate. However, it was the second barbel that stole the show, a colossal 13lb 15oz  of sheer aquatic glory.

John with a Barbel Caught on Elips Pellets

From Hampshire Avon to the Trent - A Tale of Diverse Waters:

These remarkable catches hailed from different waters, adding an exciting twist to the narrative. Three of these stunning fish called the Hampshire Avon their home, while the smaller barbel hailed from the dynamic and ever-surprising Trent. It's a reminder that Elips Pellets and Blitz Concentrate aren't bound by the geographical limits of a single river – they have the power to captivate fish across various waters, embracing diversity in angling experiences.

Barbel Blitz caught this Barbel for John

What Sets Elips Pellets and Blitz Concentrate Apart?

  • Consistency: Elips Pellets have long been known for their unwavering appeal, making them a trusted companion for Barbel Anglers.
  • Flavourful Allure: The addition of Blitz Concentrate elevates the appeal, drawing fish in with its irresistible scent and taste.
  • Versatile Success: Whether you're on the Hampshire Avon or the Trent, these baits transcend boundaries, proving their versatility time and again.