July 07, 2023 3 min read

Fieldtester Andy is back from an exhilarating and challenging week of fishing at Parco del Brenta, and he couldn't wait to share my incredible journey with all of you.

As an avid angler, I've come to learn that even the most well-researched plans can take unexpected turns. Join me as I recount the trials, triumphs, and the one secret weapon that made all the difference during my unforgettable fishing expedition.

A Promising Start:

Like any dedicated angler, I delved into extensive research before my trip to Parco del Brenta. Armed with knowledge and anticipation, I set out to conquer the waters. However, reality had a different plan in store for me. The fishing conditions turned out to be quite different from what I had expected, but that's where the real adventure began.

Andy with a C Food Carp

Adapting to the Challenge:

Opting for an open water swim in the main lake area, I initially encountered some fish showing their presence. Despite being told to add as much bait as possible, I decided not to overwhelm the fish with an excessive amount of bait. Instead, I took a measured approach and focused on dropping a baiting spoon of mixed-sized C-Food Boilies and pellet, generously soaked in C-Food Glug, right over the active fish. I paired this with different colored c-food wafters and expander mix sticks. This strategic move paid off, and I quickly had five exhilarating bites, although I lost a couple of them. Despite the catches being smaller in size, it was a promising start.

A Turning Point:

With a sense of urgency, I explored my swim area and stumbled upon a small hump rising up to 19ft at long range . Armed with new found knowledge, I chose to fish with one rod on this spot and baited it lightly but consistently every two hours. This adjustment proved to be the winning tactic, as I reeled in 11 bites over the next two mornings, finally encountering some of the larger, more elusive fish.

Andy with a C Food Carp

Adapting and Thriving:

Throughout the week, I continued to adapt my strategy, constantly experimenting and making changes. By embracing versatility, I kept the bites coming steadily. One thing that became increasingly evident during my constant communication with fellow angler Stuart Cooper, also a Hinders Bait consultant, was the fish's undeniable love for the C Food Bait Range. Despite our contrasting fishing styles and swim choices, we both experienced exceptional success with this high-quality bait.

Italian C Food Carp

Unparalleled Success:

To put the awe-inspiring results into perspective, in our party of ten, the average catch per person was around five fish. However, Stuart and I were in a league of our own, amassing just under 60 bites combined! Personally, I had an unforgettable week, totaling 26 takes, including numerous 20-pounders, four impressive 30-pounders (including two weighing 37 pounds), two majestic 40-pounders, a magnificent 47-pounder, and the crown jewel of my adventure, a stunning 51-pounder. The hard work, adaptability, and the sheer quality of the C-Food bait had paid off in ways I could never have imagined.

A Few Surprises Along the Way:

Amidst the excitement, I encountered some unexpected yet delightful surprises. Not only did I manage to catch the same sturgeon twice, but I also had the pleasure of reeling in a black bass – both irresistibly attracted to the C-Food wafters. It seems this exceptional bait is a secret weapon that transcends species, leaving no fish able to resist its allure.

Bass love C Food


As I reflect on my unforgettable fishing adventure at Parco del Brenta, I am reminded of the resilience and adaptability required to conquer new challenges. Despite initial setbacks and the need for constant adjustment, the rewards were beyond anything I could have imagined. Armed with the invaluable knowledge gained from this experience, I encourage all fellow anglers to embrace the unexpected, adapt their strategies, and above all, invest in the power of exceptional bait like the C-food. 

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