April 14, 2023 1 min read

Are you an angler looking to catch bigger fish and improve your catch rate? Look no further than the Nut 365 Range!

Just ask Craig who landed a trio of 30s, including a whopping 35 plus common, in his first 24 hours on the syndicate. He's absolutely buzzing, and he credits the Nut 365 range for doing the damage once again.

Craig with a 35lb Common Carp caught on Nut 365

So what's his secret? He used a White Nut Pop-Up as his hookbait choice, combined with a mix of crushed Nut 365 Boilies along with a range of particles including hemp & maize all topped off with Nut 365 Glug. This potent attractor profile was too irresistible for carp to ignore.

Craig with a 30lb plus Carp caught on Nut 365

The Nut 365 range offers a wide selection of products, including boilies, pop-ups, dips, and pellets, all made from high-quality ingredients that carp love. So, if you want to improve your chances of landing the big ones, try the Nut 365 range today. And who knows, you might be the next angler to catch a trio of 30s and be absolutely buzzing!

Craig with another Carp caught on Nut 365