April 11, 2023 1 min read

Simon recently had an amazing experience whilst Carp Fishing using Betalin and Little Gemz 50/50. He caught a nice common carp weighing 34lb 6oz using a PVA Bag filled with the 50/50 gems and a plastic hookbait soaked in Betalin.

Firstly, Betalin is a powerful and effective liquid bait additive. It is known to stimulate feeding and increase fish activity. Little Gemz 50/50 is a blend of of the Little Gemz Pellets and are designed to provide a mix of attraction and nutrition, making them perfect for carp fishing particularly when using PVA Bags.

Simon with a 34lb 6oz Common Carp caught using Betalin

It was a beautiful common carp weighing 34lb 6oz. Simon was thrilled with the catch and knew that Betalin and Little Gemz 50/50 were the key to his success.

In conclusion, the combination of Hinders Betalin and Little Gemz 50/50 is an excellent choice for carp fishing. If you want to catch big fish like Simon did, give these baits a try, we are sure you won't be disappointed.