C Food Barbel Bait Pack

Hinders C Food Barbel Bait Pack features our C Food Base Mix which combines everything a barbel and chub could want, it is effective in all water temperatures and has proved itself on a number of different rivers. Spices, taste enhancers and natural feeding stimulants contained within C-FOOD ensure this bait will be accepted readily and quickly. Be confident in C-FOOD as we are sure it will catch and compete against any other bait out there.

  • 700g Midi & Mini Readymade Dumbells
  • 250ml C Food Oil
  • 300g Paste
  • X Hard Mini & Midi Dumbells perfect for avoiding nuisance fish

Fieldtester John McGough Reviews C Food

Now whilst a good few of the carp guys have reviewed this bait I would like to throw my 2 pennies worth into the mix. I fish rivers for 9 months of the year and only head out onto the lakes to get my 'fix' a few times in the old close season.

I am very fortunate that all my fishing from June until around late October is done in the crystal clear waters of the Hampshire Avon fishing for barbel and chub. I can witness the fishes behaviour when this bait is introduced and I can honestly say that we are all onto a winner here. I have introduced a few of these in a swim and seen fish swim from 50 or 60 yards below in a few seconds to home in on it.

Whether it be the boilies/dumbells or just the C-Food pellets glugged in the dip, these baits offer massive pulling power and stimulate the fish into quite often a feeding frenzy competing for the food.

Although I have been testing this bait for over a year with a few tweaks) it wasn't until the new season of June 2020 that I really gave this a good workout. Looking into my diary my first trip on the legendary 16th June last year using the mini dumbell C-Food boilie glugged in the dip I had 12 chub up to a fine June size of 6lb 11oz.

The following months I went on to catch many chub and barbel on the Hampshire Avon, river Wye and Trent. On one particular session on the Trent using either the hardened dumbells or C-Food pellets glugged up I took 27 barbel with 5 fish over 13lb in 48 hours.

I cannot wait to see more river anglers using this bait and see their catch reports rolling in next summer.

I'm already looking forward to the new season ahead!

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
David Wiltshire (Stanmore)

My order arrived a couple of days after ordering. Fished with them last week. Caught my first river barbel 3-4 lb.

Geoffy Honour (Newbury)

Great bait , looking forward to trying them out, they look the business

Richard Cartwright (Manchester)
Doubles delight

Overnight on the trent resulted in 14.5, 14, 11.2, 12.6, 9.6 and an 8. The barbel definitely like it.

Shaun Tanner (Shepherds Bush)
Hinders C-Food

I’ve bought Hinder C-Food the last few time I’ve been up to fish the Wye. Even when conditions and catch reports aren’t looking great, this stuff has produced results every single time. Can’t recommend enough!

John Golds (Hornchurch)

Prompt and great delivery. Will be using on the wye next week