Hinders Elips Extra Hard Boosted Dumbell Hookbaits


Hinders Elips Extra Hard Boosted Dumbell Hookbaits have always been very popular in the Elips range, they give the angler extra fishing time in the water, offer greater resilience to nuisance species, and crayfish. Needless to say we are always looking at improving our baits and to this end X-Hards have become even better offering the angler even more scope, and yet still retaining their awesome fish catching capabilities.

By utilising food grade hardening agents, we have made the baits more attractive, and yet increased the resilience to unwanted attention of other species. Hook ability is improved, drastically reducing the potential of splitting when drilling, which can be a problem with baits dried out too long.

Our Elips Range is viewed by many as the ultimate river bait, for both big barbel and chub, not forgetting river carp! Even better now, this new, revised X Hard Hookbait will prove to be even more popular. Lasting longer the Elips attractors work even longer increasing the chance of a bite.

  • Enhanced version more attractive and increased resilience to nuisance fish
  • Long lasting barrel hookbaits
  • Glugged in Elips Oil a renowned attractor
  • Small fish won't pick them off
  • Top Tip - Try wrapping a Boosted Dumbell in Elips Paste for an irresistible morsel!!
  • Mini - 12mm x 16mm 
  • Midi - 14mm x 18mm 
  • 85g per pot
  • Simply keep the pot in a cool dry place when not in use and give it a good shake before opening the lid. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
kevin douglas (Northwich)
Excellent Service

Excellent service with very prompt delivery.

Mark (Braintree)
Great baits

Great baits, fished over the pellet worked well for me.

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Richard Cartwright (Manchester)
Excellent hookbaits, nice and hard to stop them pests.

Good start to my Trent campaign, wanted a 15lb(plus) barbel to beat my previous pb.(13.5 from the derby Derwent).
Second session, and I've got my new pb of 15lb 6oz (picture). In the same session I also had a 10.6 and a 9.
I've now moved the target to 17...... Good luck eh?

Eddie fitt (Billericay)
great service

Great products 👍

Ian Gibson (Preston)
Great Barbel bait

By far the best hookbait bait I have used, which has increased my catch rate dramatically.