Hinders Prepared Particle Jars 3.5 Litre


Our Experts Make them Fresh for You!

Experience the ultimate in convenience with our expertly crafted Prepared Particle Jars in 3.5 Litre. We've taken care of the hard work, so you can focus on fishing. Our Prepared Particle Mixes have been designed specifically with convenience in mind as they are ready to go straight from the jar. 

Using our knowledge and expertise of particles gained over the last 25 years we are confident these are the best prepared particles out there.

Buckwheat & Chopped Tiger Nuts 

Designed specifically for challenging waters, this particle combination is packed with irresistible oils and enticing properties, strategically targeting fish right where you want them. Our tried-and-true mixture has a proven track record of attracting carp and other fish species. For even greater effectiveness, consider combining it with our top-quality Prepared Hemp and Maize.

Monster Munga Mix with Betalin

Designed to captivate fish for extended periods, our Monster Munga offers a range of sizes and tantalising tastes that keep them foraging and coming back for more. 

Each package contains a harmonious medley of Maize, Maple Peas, Groats, Red Dari, and Chopped Tiger Nuts, ensuring a diverse and enticing feast for your target species. Monster Munga guarantees a superior baiting experience that will leave you reeling in the results you desire.

Hemp & Mini Maize

Carefully cooked to perfection, this particle combination boasts the irresistible allure of Hemp's white shoots and satisfyingly crunchy texture, making it an absolute favourite among carp and pleasure anglers alike. Delivered fresh and ready to go for your convenience.

  • Made fresh with the highest quality ingredients!
  • Large 3.5 Litre Jars
  • PVA Friendly with PVA mesh only, NOT recommended for PVA Bags
  • Once opened the product has a shelf life of 6 months. Keep in a cool dry place to prolong this
  • Particles are prepared and ready to go simply open the seal on the jar
  • Monster Munga Mix contains Tiger Nuts & Betalin

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Pete Sapsed (Taunton)
Just Perfect

Bought this for my September trip to Severn as didn’t want to miss out on the perfect hemp for my trip can’t wait to use it along side my Hinders pellets 😎

Simon Rowland (Redhill)

My tiger nuts did not arrive because your courier evri damaged them in transit and left me to sort it out all the time evri are involved l will not order anything

troy mclean (Southwark)

First class bait as normal A+++

Dan (Holsworthy)
Prepared Hemp

I took 8 jars to France and had a fantastic result with it. Between 3 of us we had 38 carp to 35lb. The quality of the hemp is second to none

Kevin Mason (Coventry)