Tutti Frutti Feed Pellets 800g


Tutti Frutti Feed Pellets - 2.3mm, 4.5mm 6mm, 8.5mm or 11mm pellets loaded with the classic Tutti Frutti flavour - perfect for loose feed all year round!

Getting fish to compete amongst themselves for available food in the swim will almost lead to catching more as they throw caution to the wind in an attempt at beating their neighbours to every last bit! The other important aspect to getting bites long term is holding the fish in the swim for as long as is possible; you literally need to have them grubbing around for every last morsel. Large baits are easier to clear faster, so the use of small baits is a far better choice, and they can also be fished little and often, causing less swim disturbance but at the same time holding the fish for longer periods. Small feed pellets are the absolute killer for this type of fishing, and the 2.3 mm pellet we use is particularly appetising, even more so when treated with a couple of our outstanding flavours.

Application though is the key and the following are a few methods worth trying, depending on how and where you are angling. I always like to spread these type of feeds as it means they have to move around more to find the food items, which also improves on catching. If permitted distance wise and weather wise, I would use a baiting pole system, with a small feed head, or if using a large spoon then only partially fill, you don’t want mountains created! Spombing does work as well, but again little and often is better than one big hit fill.

Sticks and bags are also good, but a good tip is to load a few smallish bags up with the pellets and a suitable (dry) stone inside and catapult them into the swim. The splash can act as a n attraction in its own right.

We have two incredibly attractive 2.3mm feed pellets, namely the new devastatingly instant C-FOOD Blend, which has been thoroughly tested for nearly two years now. A very pungent combination of natural and nature identical flavours and feed stimulants the C-FOOD can be used all season due to the inherent water-soluble factors in it’s make up.

Then we have the historic, cold water favourite probably of all time TUTTI, this is the original version still made for us, and its powerful fruity esters really work through the water column, in even the coldest temperatures. It may seem a strange one, but they also work well in combination 2:1 in favour of C-FOOD. Whichever you try you are sure to get the fish grubbing and have an action packed session

Find out how Gary won the Ivy House Christmas Match using Tutti Feed Pellets.

Customer Reviews

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Ian Sparkes (Ealing)
Tutti Frutti pack

I fish a relatively tough water with limited carp stock reaching a max of around 25lb. I know its not for everyone but I love the Lake and the experience of relaxing by the water letting life unwind.
For this very reason I need a bait I can believe in. I've been away from fishing for many years and returned this year, and just for nostalgic reasons I plumped for the Tutti Frutti flavour.
Having purchased the bundle pack I set off to the lake setting two rods one with a boilie and another with a wafter.
One 12lb came mid pm on the boilie, and another on the wafter, a bit smaller but still very welcome.
Finally as the evening drew in I fished on the surface with a wafter and a PVA bag full of popcorn, which was actually for me. The last fish was from the surface at about 7lb.
The Hinders bait and feeds gave me the confidence and versatility to use a variety of methods, the soft boilies had a great smell and stayed firmly locked to the hair.
My main method of fishing was a pva bag of micro pellets with broken boilies and a boilie hair which I have full confidence that any passing fish will be attracted to.
For the price the Hinder bundle pack is much larger than expected, it packs a powerfully sweet sent and has proven its worth.
I'm definitely coming back for more later in the season.
Thank you

J Grice (Bury St Edmunds)

Great bait great price free delivery perfect

Russell Higginson (Birmingham)
Tutti micros

Worked well for mehod and pellet cone , caught well using these.
Will buy again.

Neil Hamilton (Wokingham)
Tutti fruiti feed pellets

Not used yet.

Antony (Manchester)
Not my favorite

The fish seem to love them but they soon the smell soon get’s sickly. I prefer the NUT365