Hinders Barbel Bomb Hard Boosted Dumbells


Hinders Barbel Bomb Hard Boosted Dumbell Hookbaits - the ultimate solution for long-lasting, confidence-boosting bait that ensures more time fishing in the water and less time dealing with nuisance species like crayfish.

These baits have become even better with improved resilience and even more fish-catching capabilities. By utilising food-grade hardening agents, we've made the baits more attractive while increasing their ability to resist unwanted attention from other species. Plus, their improved hook ability drastically reduces the potential for splitting, a common problem with baits that have dried out for too long.

A classic big barbel bait, our Hard Boosted Dumbell Hookbaits are still as popular as the day they were first released. Loaded with essential attractors found in the Barbel Bomb Range, these baits guarantee maximum fish-catching capabilities no matter the weather conditions. Our even better recipe is guaranteed to catch even more fish than ever before!

Get ready to elevate your angling game with Hinders Barbel Bomb Hard Boosted Dumbell Hookbaits. Whether you're a seasoned angler or a newbie to the sport, these baits are sure to help you catch more fish and take your angling experience to the next level.


  • Barrel hookbait
  • Includes FREE Booster Dip Pot
  • Approx 85g (Pot)
  • Available in Mini (12mm x 16mm) or Midi (14mm x 18mm)
  • Top Tip: Try wrapping a hard dumbell in Barbel Bomb Paste for the ultimate hookbait
  • Simply keep the pot in a cool dry place when not in use and give it a good shake before opening the lid. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
mark (Chatham)

Great service and products from the guy’s. 5*

daniel williams (Redhill)

Hinders Barbel Bomb Hard Boosted Dumbells

Roger Boney (Wednesbury)
Best Barbel Bait

Never go to the Wye without Hinders baits. Over the years it has caught me many great fish. Unless rolling meat, my bait choice is Hinders.

John Nash (Belsize Park)
Great product & great service!

I ordered the barbel bomb range for my first trip of the summer to the river Wye. I wanted to make my barbel fishing the most effective it could be whilst keeping it as simple as possible and it worked a treat! I had my best week ever, landing over 30 barbel including a Wye PB. Ordering from Hinders just 3 days before my trip I was really impressed with the simplicity of the process and that everything arrived the next day! I will definitely be re-ordering. Thank you!

John Rowbotham (Wembley)

Used all products over the past 3 days on a visit to the River Severn, went very well and bagged up loads of Fish. will buy again