October 11, 2019 2 min read

I arrived at my chosen lake around 7am. The weather was bitterly cold and I truly felt that autumn had truly taken over. The cars temperature gauge read a chilly 4 degrees. We had had some serious rain fall the prior few days running up to this session. I had booked a few days of work so even the truly poor conditions wasn’t going to dampen my spirits. A freezing cold northerly wind was ripping across the lake on arrival. Going on the previous weeks results I headed for the same swim.

 Luckily the swim was free so I settled with my first choice. I felt although cold this area would give me the best chance of a fish or two. It didn’t take too long to get the rods positioned on the areas. Fishing the same tactics as the week before, aBetalin soaked tiger with a fake corn topper on a simple blowback rig was my rig choice. Threading a small stick of gems 50/50 onto each hooklink to protect the hook points. Over the top of this I started with around a kilo of hemp,Beta’nana, crushed tigers and a mix of Hinders pellets. Copious amounts of hemp oil and Beta’nana glug were added to finish off. The traps were set but unfortunately that lunchtime I suffered a hook pull on one of the long rods. It wasn’t till the following morning I got my next chance. Luckily everything stood the test and a very nice 33lb leather was soon being lifted up to have its picture taken. I followed this up with another few low twenties the same morning. Once again the bait and tactics were clearly performing well.

After each fish I topped up with around a kilo of the mixture this kept the bites coming. The following morning I connected with a very decent fish that fought extremely hard wiping out another rod in the process. At the same time as all this happened I received another take. I concentrated on landing the first take as I felt this was a fish worth getting in. Again after a long battle the hook hold gave way due to the rod it had wiped out locking up on a weed bed. I cursed my luck as this was the first time I have had this happen in this swim. I had got to see the fish and it was a large mirror of upper 30s that I was once connected to before the hook pulled. The other take turned out to be a low twenty that hardly healed the wounds of losing the previous fish.

The final morning of my trip I finished with two fantastic fish, a beautiful mirror in its autumnal colours of 27lb 8oz and a rather powerful beautiful common of 34lb 12oz. Once again the bait and the tactics proved a success as only one other fish on the venue had been caught during my time on there.




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Great service

Great product 👍

Big Common on the Beta'nana

These boilies are a great neutral colour, are super soft and smell great. They are instantly attractive but on waters where you need to use cast and sit and wait tactics the new stabilised boilies still smell sweet after many hours in the water - especially when the hookbait is given a prolonged soak in the matching bait glug. Crush the boilies and mix with mini combo in a solid PVA bag and watch the particles explode leaving a patch of attraction with very little to fill the carp up except a matching dumbell wafter.


Very well Rolled like every bait that comes from the Hinders stable(:-) Lovely Citrus Aroma & obviously 1 or 2 Hinders little secret edges contained within the XO’s & I’ve got 2 say I cannot wait 2 put these out into the Lakes i fish. Also must add excellent quick delivery & so well packed as well as always from Hinders(:-)

carp pellets and groundbait

great quality products and service will be ordering again


Not yet tested but will do by the end of the month and I will leave a review then