October 11, 2019 2 min read

With my confidence so high in the Mystic Plum Range at first I couldn’t see me ever trying a new bait. That was until I received my first batch of the Beta'nana. I knew instantly from that first moment that it was going to be a winning bait. It had everything you could want from a boilie. The colour texture and smell attractions had me caught from the moment I opened the bag. The Mystic Plum was always my go to bait through the warmer months and had served me incredibly well since I joined as a Hinders Bait Fieldtester

Craig with a Beta'nana Capture

A 'stunner' caught on the Beta'nana

I felt it was time to give the Betanana my full attention and use it solely in my angling for a few months. The results certainly spoke for themselves. From the moment I used it on a tricky pit I knew I was onto a winner. That first trip using the new bait I managed several fish with a brace of mid thirties. The most exciting thing about the Betanana for me is it’s an all season bait, one that will work 365 days a year. Giving it that extra edge on the Mystic Plum I was using before. 

Craig with Carp all caught on Beta'nana Boilies

Since the start of me using the Betanana (including a brace of thirties first time out read more about it here) in the last 5 weeks I have managed a mind boggling 32 fish from my chosen venue. This is by far the best result from everyone fishing on the lake.Also bear in mind this was the first time the carp had seen this bait and it was working amazingly well from the first trip. I believe that a bait only gets better the more and longer its introduced into a lake. I expect my success using it to only get better with time. 

The creamy fruity esters makes for a massively interesting bait and far different from anything I’ve used before. The bait is extremely soft and boosts an incredible texture that I am sure the carp can’t resist once they pick a bait up. I’m really looking forward to the coming months using this new exciting bait range. I also expect to hopefully see plenty of carp on the bank using it too. I honestly believe this could be the best bait in the Hinders range by far. 

Bag a biggun 

Craig Runham 


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