August 27, 2019 2 min read

Grand Prix Coarse PAA 2019  Gunthorpe Weir: (23-25 ​​August 2019).

For the fifth time in the history of Barbel Team PL / UK, on August 23-25, there were forty-eight-hour competitions for the prestigious title of the best specialist in the field of barbel fishing among fans of our group. 21 competitors took part.  Gunthorpe Weir is a picturesque place on the River Trent that creates an unforgettable atmosphere inside the forest. It is a perfect place for people who value an idyllic views. We all knew that we should expect beautiful weather ahead. A heat wave was coming to the UK, and the place we chose was simply perfect. It gave shelter from the sun most of the time during the day. The air temperature was up to 33 degrees in the shade. Atmospheric pressure varied between 1018 and 1020 hPa.

The competition started with a slight delay of 30 minutes. The start was postponed from 13.00, to 13.30. Most, however, prepared for the night fishing. Conditions were favourable, although difficult due to the bothering heat. The fish were chimeric, which forced anglers to constantly change their tactics. Anglers changed rigs, baits and tried everything to encourage fish to feed. After the first 24 hours, 5 barbels were landed on the competitors mats. At 13.00 on Saturday, a 3-hour break was planned. The atmosphere was great, and the interest in the presentation was huge, the minds of our players were wide open :). This experience will definitely bear fruit in the future. At 16:00 the break has finished.

And so, after 48 hours of battle, we knew the best of the best, and beautiful certificates will remind them of this. Here are the best seven results:

1st place - Gints Garbuzovs: 221 cm

2nd place - Jacek Galikowski: 137 cm

3rd place - Craig Twiner: 80 cm

4th place - Przemysław Kwapich: 75 cm

5th place - Seweryn Kowalski: 69 cm

6th place - Adrian Kozłowski: 59 cm

7th place - Arkadiusz Puk: 57 cm

The largest fish - 82cm - belonged to Gints Garbuzovs.

In total, 11 barbel were caught in the competition. Congratulations to the winners.


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