January 15, 2019 1 min read

Steve and Kev paid one last visit for this winter to Stone End Farm In Gloucester. Based on our past two hits they opted to start on the big lake but after fishing two hours with next to nothing to show for our efforts they decided to move onto the small house lake. Within minutes of the first cast hitting the water it was instant and the action continued for the remaining part of the session. 
Stone End Farm
Same old tactics, pellet feeders loaded with Tutti Expander Mix & bright wafter hookbaits soaked in Betalin did the trick.  They fed and caught on several lines changing between when the action slowed. Carp pellets in 6mm glugged with a bit of Tutti liquid did the trick. It is a great venue for juniors, beginners or that expert angler needing some confidence. 
Steve Stone End Farm Carp
Tight lines