February 15, 2019 2 min read

Carpvale Fisheries today for the Winter league on all 3 lakes.  Last week's match was cancelled due to the ice being unbreakable. Was super keen for today even though a tough day was on the card's! Drew peg 29 on match lake so happy with that as match lake has been pretty even recently  .

Well it's been an interesting and frustrating day to say the least! Started off fishing across to the far bank rushes on 4mm Pellets. Within 5 minutes of starting a mink has swam along the far bank before making it's way over to the margins to my right. Throughout the match  I've been able to see it swimming under mine and peg 28 platform, as well as hearing people complain about it on Cyprio behind me! Not been able to get a sign all match to my right or across. On the plus side I've not seen it appear with any fish in it's mouth.

Thankfully I've managed to get a few bites to peg 30 platform, either dobbing corn skins or fishing on the deck with Hinders 4mm pellets. It's been a mega pain getting them out though! Caught mainly f1s which have gone mental when first hooked so needed fairly heavy elastic on to pull them away from the platform legs and dead lilies. Lost about a dozen that have pinged off when shipping back in open water once they'd given up fighting . When ever I've tried a softer elastic to try and keep the f1s on the hook sods law I've hooked a carp straight away .

As predicted the whole complex has fished rock hard. I've ended up with 35lb that's won the section and lake, it's also put me 3rd overall.  Frustratingly the match has only been won with 40lb, definitely should have had that really  with the amount of fish I've hooked. Never mind, still in with a shout in the league...