February 15, 2019 4 min read

Manor Farm Winter League 2019 

Matchman Gary has fished the Manor Farm Winter League 2019 and he was excited to fish this years winter league as he couldn’t make it last year. 
But did manage to win this league 2 years ago and was joint 1st with my old man which was pretty cool. 

First Round

I drew 23 on Island Pool which at the time was a really good draw as it was fishing hard and didn't need a big weight to win.  It’s one of the deepest pegs and it was a feeezing cold that day. I’ve fished 14meters all day on Hinders Pollys Easy Expander Pellets feeding soaked 4mm Carp Pellets and Little Gemz Pellets. I did have one carp on the method using micros and 2 late down the edge again on expanders. 
Managed 54lb 10oz to win the lake
Manor Farm Pic
Round 2

I drew Middle 20. Prob the worse draw on there at the time so I cupped in a few 4mms and Little Gemz at 6 meters and started straight on this as it usually works well. I had a couple of decent carp straight from the off on expanders so a great start. Rotated long and short pole lines all day catching a few but last 2 hours it’s died on me only putting 4 skimmers in the net.  Weighed 49lb and coming 5th so bit of a disaster 

Round 3

I drew Boundary 31 which is a peg with no form and most people wrote it off but I quite fancied it as boundary is probably the fairest lake at Manor. It was another windy day and couldn’t fish as far out as I wanted to. So 13 meters was my limit 
I only like fishing hard pellet on this lake as there a lot of small fish
I fished 6mm hard pellet on the hook in a lasso feeding hard 4mms soaked in Tutti Frutti Booster Liquid. Fishing a strung out rig through the water picking fish off on the drop. Ended up with 51lb 4oz and second on the lake 

Round 4

I drew Windmill Peg 24. I Love this peg it’s normally awesome as it has an island at 13 meters which has been a big trim so was bare. Normally a fish a chuck by the island so I started off dobbing bread around it but no bites.  So fed a few hard 4mms soaked in Tutti Frutti Booster liquid with 4mm lasso pellet as hook bait 
Never had a bite which I couldn’t believe as it’s normally solid. Worrying times. 
Don’t think the fish have enjoyed the island trimming.  Windmill is a deep lake so fished away from the island  in about 8 feet of water on 6mm hard pellet. Took a while for my first bite but lucky for me it was a 10lber. Few bream later and struggling for bites. No F1s showing which was a worry.  I decided to start a new line half way up the shelf of the island in 5 feet. Fished Hinders Expanders feeding Little Gemz which got me out of jail. Caught a few F1s there and a bonus perch about a 1lb. Weighed 30lb 12oz for second on the lake 
Pollys Eazy Expander Pellets
Round 5

This time I drew Ash 12 which won the lake the previous  round so was happy with the draw. Wind was so strong so was limited to short pole so I started on bomb and bread but no fish.  Went on my short pole line where I had fed soaked 4mms and Little Gemz and fished expanders and took a while to get my first bite which was worrying. I had a few skimmers then the couple of F1s so switched to hard 6mm pellet in a lasso and also changed the feed to hard pellet again soaked in Tutti Frutti Booster Liquid. I had a great big carp straight away which was a bonus and started catching F1s regularly.  This slowed a bit so I fed a line 14 meters in front of the platform to my left and had another decent carp on expanders. Mid Match I had the biggest F1 I’ve seen on bomb and bread.  I’ve finished with 57lb 6oz and won the lake 

Final round

For the final round I have drawn Ash again this time Peg 3. This end peg with a few no shows going in my favour around me giving me plenty of room.Started on bomb and bread but no bites. The wind was outrageous so only short pole was available which I fed with Little Gemz and soaked carp pellets fishing expanders and after a while I’ve had my first bite. I like fishing light gear in winter and I’ve hooked a carp and just under an hour of playing it finally I net and it’s in the chin. Crazy... I decided to fish a new line facing the wind at 13 meters to my right in 4 feet of water fishing expanders.  Had a great run here catching carp and F1s for a couple of hours. I could see the lake was fishing poor and knew I was doing ok. I ended up back on my short line catching a few skimmers then ended the match with another decent carp all on Hinders Expanders . Weighed 50lb 6oz which won the lake 

At the end of the league I finished 2nd in the league with 12 points.  The best baits were the Pollys Eazy Expanders or Soaked hard pellets in booster liquids. Manor Farm is a great venue all year round and it’s a great pellet venue which is what I enjoy fishing the most. 6 lakes to fish.  So many F1s which are prob the biggest you will catch and always re stocking. Dave the owner is a legend top bloke always gives you plenty of space 

I’m looking forward to the summer it’s been a long winter and I am going to be fishing some big qualifiers again which can be brutal matches. I came close to fish o mania last year but bad angling let me down.Hopefully put it right this year!!