October 15, 2018 2 min read

I went onto Linear Fisheries onto B1 lake After finding pegs on the back of the wind we decided to fish long range, after finding a dead weed bed at 120 yards I decided I would fish at 100 yards, I then put some bait out my little pop up rig was my go to rig this time of year, enough to be just popped up however not to obvious, with the great ability tackle curve hook, anti tangle sleeves, hook beads and micro ring swivels bright.  Hinders Fruit Salad Pop Ups had to be the choice great smelling and I know they work well on there I fired them out onto my spots. The first night didn’t bring any fish they seemed to be boshing at 140 yards during the night, so I stuck to my guns.

Saturday midday my left hand rod beeped and by the time I looked at the rod it was off a lovely one toner, That resulted in a stunning 25lb 10oz mirror quickly pictured that and then put the rod back out, 5 more spods over the top and 30 mins later I had another take unfortunately this one went left and bumped its self off on the blokes lines next to me thankfully the man next seem fine with it. However I was gutted it seem like a lot better fish. So nothing else happened with my rods till last light the I had another fish same one beep and it was away this time that resulted in a 21lb 07oz mirror slipped that one back then rig straight out, and at that point I thought it’s made the trip worth while. 23.15pm I was just watching a film in bed and my alarm melted off like someone had attached it to a car and flooded it, this was a great fight in the rain playing this fish for about 10-15 mins and in the end I won with a stunning 22lb 12oz common I was over the moon at that point. However nothing came after the fish the winded changed and then at that point we were in the face of the wind, it was cold we knew they would be on the back of it, that was confirmed by a friend having one the other side of the lake around midday.