Supercharged Green Tuna Groundbait


Supercharged Green Tuna Groundbait is a unique and highly effective groundbait that was developed many years ago. It quickly became popular in the match fishing world, with anglers across the country using it to great success. This groundbait is made with a special blend of potent attractors that emit a natural tuna scent, making it irresistible to fish.

The base mix of the groundbait is also highly attractive, as it contains three key feeding triggers that stimulate fish to feed. Supercharged Green Tuna Groundbait is versatile and can be used in any angling situation, from large rivers to small lakes and canals. It is particularly effective for carp fishing, and also works well for barbel, bream, chub, and F1's.

If you want to improve your chances of catching more fish, try Supercharged Green Tuna Groundbait. Its unique blend of potent attractors and feeding triggers make it a must-have in your fishing arsenal. Choose from 900g or 1.75kg bags, or take advantage of our bulk deals to stock up and save.

  • 900g or 1.75kg bags
  • Bulk deals available
  • Store in a cool dry place when not in use

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews

Great product as usual


Good quality ground bait mixes well and attracts multiple species. Bream being the target fish.

Alan Furness (Egham)
Good product

Very good

Christopher Jeffries (Wolverhampton)

Supercharged Green Tuna Groundbait

Mark Shrimpton (Tipton)
Bring your swim to life

Hinders tuna groundbait mixed with crushed hemp is a magnet for tench and bream. Has improved my catch rate this summer. It is a real fish puller.
Sat next to my mate last week and had 15 tench…he had 1, says it all!