C Food 5kg Bait Bundle

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Catch more carp with our C Food Bait Bundle. The bundle includes:

  • 5kg 12mm,15mm or 18mm Stabilised C Food Boilies
  • Choose one of either 12mm, 15mm Pop Ups or Dumbell Wafters
  • C Food Glug 250ml

We’re thrilled to introduce you to our new C Food Boilies

We started looking at a bait centred around fish products over a year ago, and whilst it would have been too easy to produce another fish bait from the countless recipes, I have used over the years I wanted to make this something special. In angling “Lady Luck” can play a big part, and the same can be said for bait making, when sometimes you trip over a completely unique product, which then becomes the core of the matrix.

Find out how Paul had the session of a lifetime on C Food

C-FOOD is the complete food from the sea, which has been arrived at by courtesy of the carefully calculated components necessary to attract and feed carp. The two-phase liquid attractor is the catching element, it’s the component that makes C-FOOD. Two phases effectively mean that part of phase one will leak into the water column very quickly, a water-soluble product that contacts with anything swimming in close proximity. Phase two is the complex palatability component, which gives the carp a combined chemoreceptive attraction factor, this is meant to last longer in both the bait and the surrounding water column over a session.

The base mix combines everything a carp (we also found the boilies worked brilliantly for barbel and chub) could want, its effective in all water temperatures and has proved itself both in this country and on the continent. Spices, taste enhancers and natural feeding stimulants contained within C-FOOD ensure this bait will be accepted readily and quickly. Be confident in C-FOOD as we are sure it will catch and compete against any other carp bait out there.

A caring, complete, carp bait oozing confidence !

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
C food

First impressions bait smelt and tasted lovely. ( just lay on tongue and spit out.) For barbel I think that the texture will be spot on, for carp maybe could do with some harder hookbaits to match size 18ml. Watching the carp in my syndicate they were straight into the bait with no hesitation. Whilst lake was closed after spawning.

Andrew Thompson
Caught on c food swan lake Peterborough

C food is a fantastic bait all of my orders
Have been top quality great company 👍

Gary Howe (Bilston)
Good advice and bait.

Not fished for a number of years and was going on a fishing holiday in the Cotswolds so emailed hinders. Steve was really detailed with a response with method and the bait to use. The result was top fishing over the other anglers I went with and a new pb of 28lb.

Connor Price (Nottingham)
Smells great

Smells good looks good soft bait been out on the bank for a 24h using it not caught yet but I'm happy with the bundle just want to get some c food waftwrs in different colours now

Tom Wheeler (Burwell)
C Bait

Not used yet, but bait looks and smells great and very natural. Cannot wait to give it a go. Great price as well as got in the sale